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Elevate Your Festival or Club Night: Hire DJ Ross Mac

Transforming your events into something truly memorable.

A Legacy of Music Mastery.

Ross Mac’s journey began in the vibrant nightlife of London, Essex, and Hertfordshire, where his passion for music quickly set him apart as a prodigious talent. With 3 decades of DJing experience, Ross has become a renowned UK festival favourite, curating memorable experiences at some of the world’s most iconic venues and festivals. His performances are not just sets but journeys through sound, with each track meticulously chosen to resonate with a particular audience.

The Ultimate Festival Atmosphere.

Ross Mac’s expertise shines brightest in the festival scene, having played at the UK’s most celebrated gatherings, including We Are FSTVLStandon Calling, and Eastern Electrics. Ross consistently brings an atmosphere that is dynamic, immersive, and utterly unforgettable. His sets are built to captivate, featuring a mix of crowd favourites and off-the-cuff tracks to ensure every moment is filled with infectious energy and undeniably great taste.

Transforming Club Nights into Legendary Events

Ross’s performances have become legendary, embodying the epitome of what every ordinary club DJ aspires to achieve. From his early days holding residencies in Faliraki, to DJing at O Beach in Ibiza, Ross has always known how to command a dance floor. Whether it’s modern cuts or timeless classics, he blends genres and eras seamlessly, keeping the crowd dancing until dawn.

A Full Entertainment Package

RM Event Solutions offer more than just DJ services; we create complete entertainment experiences. Enrich your event with videographers capturing every moment, live sax players adding a layer of class, singers and MCs to engage the audience, and dancers and bongos to bring the rhythm to life. This full-service approach guarantees your festival or club night is a truly one-off celebration.

Your Event, Elevated

With Ross, your event is more than just a party – it’s a milestone. His passion for music and expertise in creating vibrant atmospheres make him the ideal choice for festivals and club nights looking to stand out. From intimate club gatherings to grand festival stages, Ross Mac and RM Event Solutions can elevate any event into a truly exceptional celebration.


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